Super slimmer Debbie hopes to inspire with her new weight loss group

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A Skegby slimmer inspired by her own three-stone weight loss has started up her own Slimming World group.

Debbie Hutchinson joined her local group after being unhappy with herself in photographs taken at her 50th birthday celebrations.

Debiie said: “Before finding Slimming World I had been overweight all my life searching for a miracle cure. The cycle of eat, starve, binge, starve, was firmly entrenched in my daily life and I was simply a lost cause just waiting for the next fad diet to fall into my lap.

“One afternoon a leaflet for my local Slimming World group dropped through the door with the slogan ‘fab at 50’ on it.

“It was just the sign I needed so I joined up andI’ve never looked back.”

Debbie starts her new group on Monday October 10, at 7.30pm, at Healdswood Community Centre in Skegby.

She said: “I have fallen in love with food and food optimise all our favourite meals, even my hubby enjoys the meals.

“Slimming World has made me feel so optimistic about my future and I’m enthusistic to start my dream job of being a consultant.

“If I can make a difference and help others the way Slimming World has helped me - then bring it on.”