Suit retailer reveals UK’s biggest sizes - and men in Nottinghamshire have the second biggest feet and the longest legs

Ever wondered where the tallest people in the UK live?Ever wondered where the tallest people in the UK live?
Ever wondered where the tallest people in the UK live?

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Ever wondered where the tallest people in the UK live? Or which city has the largest feet?

Well a study by a suit retailer has all the answers as they dig through three years’ worth of sales data for jackets, trousers and shoe measurements to reveal some insights into men’s sizing in the UK.

But what sizes are UK men really wearing? The research shows that Wolverhampton and Edinburgh have their heads in the clouds with 28 percent of men having legs longer than the average.

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The tallest people in the UK appear to be heavily concentrated in the middle of the country with Nottingham and Coventry joining Wolverhampton as the region with the longest legs.

Further down the scale, Bradford shops for the shortest leg length in suits, with 28 percent of gentlemen there shorter than the UK average.

Seventy-nine percent of gentlemen in Swansea are above the average chest size of 42 inches. When it comes to waistlines the results also show a slight north/south divide with Edinburgh and Glasgow having the smallest.

In other sizing matters, it is southerners who are more likely to need wider trousers with Swansea taking first place. Men from the Welsh city have an average waistline of 38.5 inches with Portsmouth the second-largest with 37.9 inches, and Bristol, Chelmsford and Norwich all wearing 37.3 inches.

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As well as this, cities in the south also have larger than average shoe sizes with more than 65 percent of men in Portsmouth lacing up shoes over size 10, while 61 percent of men in Nottingham and 55 percent in Plymouth have a shoe size above average.