Success for Chad’s A60 Cuckney Hill speed camera campaign

Luke Winter's family pictured at their Nether Langwith home.
Luke Winter's family pictured at their Nether Langwith home.

CHAD’S campaign for speed cameras on Cuckney Hill has been successful - but for one family it has come tragically too late.

We launched the appeal in August after Luke Winter (24), of Langwith, became the sixth person to be killed on the stretch of road since 2006.

Mr Winter’s pregnant partner Keeley Nattriss also lost her father Tony in a crash, just yards from where Luke died, in 2009.

Around 1,500 people signed our petition calling for speed cameras between Church Warsop and Cuckney, which was taken to County Hall by Chad editor Tracy Powell, Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale and Warsop county councillor John Allin.

Hundreds of signatures were also gathered by Luke’s sister Rachel.

Nottinghamshire County Council began an investigation, collating and analysing speed data, and now says it is ‘keen to address speeds at this location with time over distance cameras the preferred option’.

With political approval, the cameras could be installed by the end of next year.

Despite being pleased with the decision, Keeley (25) will give birth in January and raise her baby daughter without its father and one grandfather.

She said: “It’s not helping with Christmas coming up but the support and help from both families has been amazing.”

Luke’s dad Geoff added: “The cameras are long overdue. I know four people who have been killed there. Sometimes society has to wield the big stick for things to get done.

“Average speed cameras are the only thing that will slow people down. But it’s too late for us.

“Things aren’t getting any easier, we are all still in bits.”

Keeley will raise her baby in a house near Langwith which Geoff and Luke renovated together.

Geoff added: “I’m so grateful for that time we had together. Luke loved Christmas he’d always want to get the lights put up on our house.”

Mum Sharon admitted they are keen to get Christmas ‘out of the way’ this year.

THE news about the county council’s decision was passed on to Warsop Parish Council by county councillor John Allin at its monthly meeting last week.

He said: “I think we should thank the Chad for all the hard work they have put in on the campaign for cameras at Cuckney Hill and the petition which was handed over at the end of September.

“We should get average speed cameras on either side of the hill. The county council just needs to come out and decide exactly where they are going to site them.

“I’m still pushing to move the 30mph speed limit to the other side of the cemetery.”

Parish Council Chairman Stuart Moody added: “We supported the campaign because we saw how worthwhile it was so thank you to the Chad for that.”

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale hailed the work by Chad during the campaign but thinks there is still work to be done to improve safety in the area.

He said: “It’s excellent news. Credit needs to be given to the Chad and all those who have campaigned for speed cameras long this stretch of the A60. It’s been a magnificent effort.

“It’s a good start but a lot more needs to be done. There are problems all the way along the A60 in that area, speed limits and some of the junctions need looking at.”

Suzanne Heydon, Nottinghamshire County Council’s group manager for highway safety, said: “In principle we are keen to address the speeds at this location and time over distance cameras are the preferred option.

“Any decision will be subject to political approval and various other procedures needed before a scheme can be constructed on the ground, but if they get the go-ahead it is likely that the cameras would be installed before the end of 2013.”