Stunt hopeful misses out on coveted double

Miss England hopeful, Alex Ross in her James Bond-themed home-made outfit.
Miss England hopeful, Alex Ross in her James Bond-themed home-made outfit.

A young woman who harbours dreams of becoming a stunt woman took a tumble after missing out in the final of the Miss England pageant.

Alex Ross took the tiara during the Miss Forest and Fens competition earlier this year, earning her a place in the national event which took place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Friday.

She was one of 52 to reach the finals, and she did herself proud during the latter stages by finishing in the top of the talent round, in which she sang and showed off a martial arts routine. 
The 24-year-old was also shortlisted in the ‘Billion Dollar Smile’ round.

The hopefuls underwent a series of other rounds including a creative skills round in which they have each had to make a costume out of recycled materials.

Alex managed to make herself a costume from an old wetsuit, keeping with the round’s James Bond theme.

There was also a sports round tomorrow and a charity round, in which Alex had raised more than £1,500 for Beauty with a Purpose - the Miss World Charity.

It was the entry from Cheshire who landed the coveted first prize, but Alex described it as a ‘truly amazing experience’.

The Kirkby resident added: “Although I didn’t win, I had a wonderful time at the finals and it was amazing to see so many girls with the same passion and goals in life - trying to change the world and help others bit by bit.

“I have my title of Miss Forest and Fens until April 2016 so I hope to carry on the hard work in my community until I hand over the crown.

“Often pageant girls are put under a stereotype, but the stereotypical view couldn’t be further from the truth, nobody parades around the stage in a bikini, a lot of hard work and determination goes into this competition.

“I will focus on my career now as I am a performer but I would also like to pursue a career as a stunt woman.

“Being Miss Forest and Fens has opened up so many doors for me and now I just have to decide which path to take!”