Students to visit Brierley Forest Park for university work

STUDENTS from Nottingham Trent University will be visiting Brierley Forest Park this spring as part of a project with Ashfield District Council and the Friends of Brierley Forest Park.

More than 70 civil engineering students will be carrying out a Group Design Project as part of their degree studies, which will involve them coming up with a range of potential ideas for the award-winning park.

The council will then review the ideas to see if they can be incorporated into the park.

As part of the course work, the students will be making models of their proposals using the latest computer technology. It is hoped that a display of models and ideas they produce will be displayed in the visitor centre.

The work is part of the council’s continuing commitment to improving its award-winning Green Flag parks.

Said Trevor Watson, service director for economy: “Brierley Forest Park provides an ideal location for educational projects. Ashfield District Council welcomes the involvement of Nottingham Trent University in Brierley Forest Park.”

Coun Ray Buttery described it ‘is a fantastic project’ which he believes will bring some fresh ideas and ‘encourage new faces to the park’.

He said: “It is hoped that it will benefit both the students educationally towards their degree, but also help to raise awareness of this wonderful green space.”

Steven Wright, a civil engineering senior lecturer from Nottingham Trent University, said the students were looking forward to the visit.

He said: “The university prides itself on being able to offer live projects for students to work on, as not only does it give them more sense of purpose, but it gives them the experience of working with clients.

“It is great for the students to be working with Ashfield District Council and the Friends of Brierley Park to help improve the experience for those that use the Park.”