Students across Mansfield and Ashfield get their A Level results

Brunts students celebrate their results
Brunts students celebrate their results

YOUNG people from across the district will be breathing a sigh of relief today (Thursday) as years of hard work reaches its climax and they find out their exam results.

But as students flock to their schools and colleges hopeful of securing a place at the university of their choice national figures have shown a fall of 0.4 per cent from last year in the number of A Level A grades.

This will be the first fall in 21 years.

Thankfully there are some promising exceptions in the district to this national trend.

Brunts School student Laura Palmer (18) has scored A* in English language, A in history and B in psychology. She will be going to Keele University to study education and psychology. “It is a great course and a good university,” said Laura. “There is so much to do there I am so excited.”

Jonathan Clarke (18), also of Brunts, bagged two As and an A*. Said Jonathan: “Champagne’s at the ready now. I cannot wait to go to Oxford to learn more and experience it for myself.”

Meden School student Matthew Simpson (17) has excelled with an A in maths, a B in physics, a B in further maths, a B in biology and a B in chemistry. He is bound for Durham University to study natural sciences. Said Jonathan: “I feel good - I am on track but there is still a lot of hard work to go. I am glad that I know today but it all starts again next year.”

Rachael Hughes (18), also of Meden School, got an A and two Bs in English and art history. She will go on to study English at Leeds University. She said: “I am surprised about History because I thought it was the most difficult.

“I had confirmation this morning. I have been waiting since June to know, so it is a real relief. I was torn between history and English but chose English literature and language in the end.

“I am going out with all my friends to have drinks to celebrate.”

Damian Belshaw, head of post-16 education at Meden, said: “I have been absolutely bowled over by the quality and high standards the students have produced and by the quality of teaching,”

Mr Belshaw said the school was put into special measures in March last year but had thankfully recovered with an overall score of satisfactory in its latest Ofsted inspection this May.

Added Mr Belshaw: “It is about the success and the hard work of the students and teachers who have produced phenomenal results.”

West Notts College in Mansfield recorded its best overall pass-rate with a 99.2 per cent score for all its students.

Jamie Duquemin-Sheil (21) took the bold decision to study in Budapest as a vet for five years after achieving an A in chemistry, an A in biology and B in maths.

He said: “My two years at West Notts have been awesome and everyone has been so supportive. Any time I’ve needed help at college there’s been someone to offer it.”

The Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield also surpassed previous records with students Ben Roberts achieving an A*, two As and two Bs, Natasha Wood gaining two As and two Bs while Matthias Bockmann came out with an A*, A, and two Bs.

Principal of the school Michael Griffiths said: “We are delighted that many of our students are going to good universities to study fantastic courses. We wish them all the very best.”

Students from Mansfield’s All Saints’ School were in high spirits after many exceeded expectations especially in the higher grades bracket.

These included Hannah Newton who earned one A* and three As, Josh Keeling who achieved one A*, one A and two Bs and Mark Holmes who achieved two A* and two As.

Director of Sixth Form Rachel Davie said: “I am very pleased for our students who have done very well. Their achievements are as a direct result of the commitment, determination and hard work of both staff and students with the support of parents and governors – a great team effort.”

Brunts Academy student Jonathan Clarke (18) will be heading to Oxford later in the year after getting an A* and two As.

“Champagne’s at the ready now I really can’t wait to go to university and learn about what I don’t yet know and experience the place for myself,” he said.

Laura Palmer (18) was among those pleased with her results after gaining an A*, A and B in English language, history and psychology.

She will be heading to Keele this September to study education and psychology.

She added: “I’m happy because it’s a great course and a good university, there’s so much to do there and I’m really excited.”

Students, parents and staff at Joseph Whitaker School in Rainworth are celebrating another successful year and have achieved a 100 per cent pass rate for their A Level students.

Fiona Hill managed to achieve a full set of As in the subjects maths, biology and chemistry and has been accepted into medical school at York.

“The long-term plan is to perhaps become a doctor, but before that I’ll be taking a gap year in India working in a hospital, which I’m really excited about,” she said.

Assistant headteacher Michael Croft and head of sixth form Margaret Caney said in a statement: “We are incredibly proud of the effort and commitment shown by our students. They have been rewarded by an excellent and well deserved set of results.”

Overall, Nottinghamshire has seen a rise from 97.2 per cent to 97.4 per cent for entries gaining an E or above compared to 98 per cent nationally.

Coun Philip Owen, Nottinghamshire County Council’s committee chairman for children and young people’s services, has congratulated young people.

He said: “I know that our young people have worked extremely hard and put a great deal of effort into their examinations. It’s obviously paid off with overall results up slightly on last year.”

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