Student set for Guyana

Chris Appleton, pictured with Sue Bevan, president of The Rotary Club of Sherwood.
Chris Appleton, pictured with Sue Bevan, president of The Rotary Club of Sherwood.

A KING’S Clipstone A-Level student is preparing to spend a year working as a volunteer in Latin America.

Chris Appleton (17), who studies at Tuxford Academy, will spend 12 months in Guyana working with the Project Trust charity after he came through a five-day selection proccess.

During his year away Chris, who now needs to raise £5,000 as part of his contribution to the project, will teach maths and science to schoolchildren.

The Project Trust sends only a handful of volunteers overseas each year, all of whom are 17- to 19-year-old school leavers, handpicked and carefully matched to their project.

Chris’s year out will let him experience life in the heart of Guyana, not as a tourist, but as a valued member of a local community.

His 12 months away will give him plenty of time to explore his surroundings while teaching maths and science to schoolchildren who are presently not receiving the same level of academic opportunity as school students are in the Britain.

Chris recently gave a talk to The Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest and explained that he needed to raise £5,000 as part of his contribution to take part in the project.

Rotary Club member Mary Wood said that rotarians were impressed by Chris’s presentation and have promised to help him raise the cash in the coming months.

“Chris gave a lively and professional talk on the work of the Project Trust and what he is personally trying to achieve,” she said.

“He is working hard with enthusiasm to achieve his goal by undertaking all sorts of imaginative fundraising schemes to raise the money required to enable him to go to Guyana.

“While away he will have to rise to new challenges on a daily basis and learn skills that will stay with him for life.

“Taking part in a worthwhile educational project, passing on his skills to disadvantaged children and bring back with him an invaluable foundation for life.”

The Rotary Cub of Sherwood Forest has promised to help Chris to raise some of his sponsorship money through their annual spring prize draw.

l If anyone is able and would like to support Chris or would like him to come and give your organisation a talk, please contact him via Tuxford Academy, email or call 07972 074352.