Stroppy cat ‘purrs’ fun on Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop

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Animals taking to social media is seemingly nothing new - with a host of celebrity-owned pets ‘sharing their views’ via Twitter.

Taylor Swift’s pussy and the canine companions of both Britney Spears and Andy Murray are regular Tweeters, along with Simon the Cow, Ivan the Seagull and Benji the Alsatian.

Of course, special mention needs to go to our much-loved Guide Dog Hudson, who just about keeps his owner Nathan in line.

But a new contender has now entered the social arena . . . with the arrival of Mayor Allsop’s Cat.

The Twitter feed claims to be that of the feline friend of Mansfield Mayor, Kate Allsop . . . although based on its tweet the cat is not overly friendly - at least not towards the mayor.

Recent posts by the cat have accused Mayor Allsop of being a true-blue Conservative, of looking like Deirdre Barlow’s mother Blanche from Coronation Street, and for overdoing it with ‘cheap perfume’.

The cat has also taken to social media to fume about its kitty treat budget being frozen, complain about being shut out in the snow, and criticise Mayor Allsop’s decision to ban Twitter at council meetings.

The malicious moggy has also started retweeting Labour announcements, although according to a Mansfield party source, “The cat is nothing to do with us.”

And in a final snub, the cat is also out-performing Mayor Allsop with Twitter followers.

We are currently awaiting comment from Mayor Allsop . . . and the cat.

Mayor Allsop’s Cat can be found tweeting at