Strange footage shows couple criticising shopper near Mansfield

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Keep checking our website for the latest news.

A couple criticised a woman for wheeling a full trolley of shopping along a busy road.

According to this Daily Mirror report, the woman was smoking a cigarette while apparently struggling to push the full trolley from the Asda store outside Forest Town near Mansfield.

The newspaper says it has obtained strange footage in which a man can be heard saying: "I'm just going to video you because it's a bit weird that you're taking a trolley all the way from Asda, which is miles away."

Appearing confused by the rant the woman replies: "Sorry, I have so much things."

Unhappy with her response the man continues 'you can afford fags, you can afford a taxi' to which the woman says: "I'm not from here".

The woman tries to press on with her shopping but another woman can be heard saying: "Your cigarettes are £10 per packet. So, if you're within walking distance, the taxi is only a few pound."

The woman then agrees to return the trolley, saying: "OK I turn back".