Storms lash Mansfield and Ashfield

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Heavy rain and thunder storms lashed over Mansfield and Ashfield through the early hours of yesterday (Tuesday 23rd July), damaging cars and houses.

Two homes were struck by lightning in Stewart Street, Sutton, while a car was hit in nearby Frederick Street.

Mansfield suffered less damage in the storm, but residents reported violent flashes of lightning and torrential rain over the town.

Firefighters from Mansfield and Ashfield fire stations attended two properties which had been struck by lightning in Stewart Street at around 6am on Tuesday.

Firefighters used breathing apparatus to enter the properties and fans to clear the addresses of smoke after the fires had been put out.

An ambulance was also called for one resident as a precautionary measure, a fire service spokesman said, but it is not believed that anyone needed hospital treatment.

In a separate incident in Frederick Street at 5.57am on Tuesday, crews were called to a car on fire, after it was hit by a lightning strike.

Crews from Mansfield and Ashfield again attended the blaze. Exact circumstances are not known, but it is understood that the car may have set alight after a lightning bolt deflected from the owner’s property.

A fire service spokesman said that a small fire in the car was extinguishes, and the owner was advised to get a survey done on his chimney and his electricity supply.

“From our perspective these were relatively small incidents, but for the people concerned they must have been absolutely terrifying,” the spokesman said.

The rain came in after weeks of warm dry weather and Chad readers got in touch with their dramatic pictures of the storm.

Dave Smith contacted us with this dramatic image, showing forked lightning over the skies of Mansfield and Ashfield.

Meanwhile, other residents spoke about the tempest in the skies above their homes.

Chris Johnson (41) of Hibbert Road, Mansfield, said: “The rain came in here at about 10pm - I’ve not known rain as heavy in a long time, it was almost like a tropical storm.

“Water was literally teeming down the road like a river outside my house.

“Then the thunder and lightning starter. It was so bright that it was literally lighting our front room up and the thunder was crashing overhead. It was incredibly dramatic and we’re lucky it just passed overhead.”