Store is icing on the cake for newly-weds

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A bride on her wedding day was given £40 worth of free cupcakes from a Tesco store when she left the celebrations to go to the shop in her wedding dress and veil.

Newly-weds Wendy and Fay Annibal from Mansfield had just tied the knot and were celebrating at the Cuckoo Birch pub, on Jubilee Way, with family and friends when they realised there were no cupcakes for the reception.

Fay, aged 41, said: “There were no cupcakes for the children so Wendy said she was just going to pop to the shop. I said ‘you’re in your wedding dress -I’ll go.’

“She in her full veil and everything but she insisted and said she knew what she wanted.”

After crossing the road and running through the car park to get to Mansfield Tesco Extra, also on Jubilee Way, in her wedding dress, Wendy, aged 47, reached the store and picked up some cupcakes.

She was at the checkout when kind-hearted staff members stopped her to congratulate her on her big day and told her Tesco would be paying for the cakes.

Wendy said she uses the store every day, and added: “I was about to pay when staff came running over to tell me Tesco would be paying for them. I think I surprised a lot of people running around in my wedding dress in the store. I can’t thank them enough, the kids enjoyed the cakes.”

Wendy and Fay were married on Tuesday after 12 years of being together.