Stop talking about the A60 and take action

We are becoming a nation of planners, commitees and meetings.

We do not seem to have the power of common sense, families have lost loved ones. Why not do the jobs that show some kind of commitment to show the bereaved families that the County Council is serious about doing something? The A60 at Cuckney Hill is dangerous and has been for some years so why not an accident blackspot sign, double white lines from the crossroads at Cuckney over the hill to the cemetry and a sign on the Cuckney side warning of a blind summit.

Then maybe remove the 50 mile an hour signs and make it all 40 miles an hour with a sign on the Cuckney side warning of a blind summit, and chevrons showing the bend at the bottom of the hill on the Cuckney side. Even if you have average speed cameras these other measures should be done now as tomorrow we may have yet another fatal accident and winter is fast approaching.

We still have done nothing to prevent u-turns between the two lay bys on the blind summit of the hill.

Anthony James Archer,

(via email).

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