Stolen ‘Queen’s blanket’ returned

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Thieves who stole a crocheted centrepiece, which was decorating the Mansfield’s Bentinck Memorial as part of the town’s efforts to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday, have anonymously returned the Union Jack heart along with note of apology.

The heart shaped Union Jack-patterned blanket was made as part a campaign by Mansfield District Council to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

But following widespread coverage of the theft and appeal to the thieves to return the heart, it was handed in with a note saying that taking it was ‘a drunken mistake’.

The heart was found in a plastic bag hanging on the door knob of Gravity Hair and Beauty salon in Huthwaite.

Owner of the salon, mother-to-be Rachel Smith, had spent four weeks crocheting the blanket in support of Mansfield District Council’s campaign to cover the town centre in a royal flush of colour to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

In the bag with the heart was a note of apology from those who took it, saying: “We are sorry for taking down your hard work and effort. We had no idea it was for charity and meant so much to people. It was a drunken mistake that we sincerely regret. We hope that you and people of Mansfield can forgive us and once again we are sorry.”

Rachel said: “It’s amazing that it has been returned. We are all so pleased that it is back and will be taking pride of place again on the Bentinck Memorial.

Coun David Smith, portfolio holder for cultural services, said: “It is fantastic news that the heart has been returned and I am glad that those who took it saw the error of their ways and did the right thing.”