Stolen Chihuahua reunited with two-year-old owner in time for Christmas

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GOOD old fashioned police work has been praised for finding a stolen Chihuahua and reuniting it with its two-year-old owner in time for Christmas.

Dubbie was taken from the family home in Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop on 1st December, leaving little Tia Brazier heartbroken.

Nottinghamshire Police officers followed many leads before the 20-week old black and white ‘tea cup’ pup was traced to an address in the Worksop area on Friday (21st December).

Within hours she was reunited with Tia, prompting mum Yvonne to describe the return of Dubbie as “the best Christmas present we could ever have”.

Yvonne added: “We posted information on Facebook and got a few leads from there which we passed on to the police.

“We did a little bit of searching ourselves but came to dead ends each time.

“PC Colin Bland from Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station was the main man in finding Dubbie, he traced her to a scrap metal yard near Worksop. We can’t thank him enough.

“I’ve taken a thank you card for him to the police station.

“Tia wasn’t the same while Dubbie but missing but she’s back to her normal happy self now.”

Mansfield North Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Mark Webster said: “It is wonderful to be able to bring some genuine Christmas cheer to someone ahead of the big day.

“We know how upset Tia and her family were when Dubbie was taken and it has taken some good old fashioned police work by PC Colin Bland to trace the pet.

“I hope the family can enjoy a very Merry Christmas indeed now.”