Stolen Chihuahua dies after being reunited with Church Warsop family

Tia Brazier with her dog Dubbie which has now died
Tia Brazier with her dog Dubbie which has now died

THIS was the last picture taken of Tia Brazier and her beloved Chihuahua which died a few days after being reunited with its owner.

We reported in Chad how Dubbie, a black and white ‘tea cup’, was stolen from outside Tia’s home in Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop on 1st December.

But following a Facebook appeal by Tia’s family and some steely detective work by Pc Colin Brazier, Dubbie was traced to a travellers site in Worksop.

Two-year-old Tia, who has Down’s Syndrome, was overjoyed at Dubbie’s return but the happiness was short-lived as the dog became ill and died within a week.

Mum Yvonne thinks the 20-week-old dog may have been poisoned.

She said: “She was with the travellers for three weeks, we don’t know where she was being kept or what she was given.

“The vet said it could have been parvovirus picked up from another infected dog but they couldn’t be 100 per cent sure.

“Tia was really, really happy to get him back but now she just keeps picking up Dubbie’s coat. We don’t know what to say to her, she doesn’t understand.”

Yvonne is now left with a hefty £156 vet bill to pay.

She added: “It completely ruined our Christmas and New Year. I posted on Facebook what had happened and someone offered £10 towards the bill which was very kind but we don’t want money, we want Dubbie back.”

*After Dubbie’s safe return, Yvonne signed a police form stating she did not want to press charges for the theft.