Stags seeking planning permission for training ground

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Mansfield Town Football Club have revived plans to continue building a new training facility in Pleasley.

Work had already begun on the site at Woburn Lane last year, but red tape meant it ground to a halt.

The club is now seeking planning permission to excavate up to 50,000 tonnes of limestone and sandstone from up to five metres below the surface from the vacant site on land at Woburn Lane, close to Farmilo Primary School.

If given the go-ahead, they will then look at levelling the two-hectare plot, before adding topsoil and re-seed the area to create training pitches.

They estimate it will take three months to excavate the site, which is already owned by Mansfield Town FC.

Work was initially halted because there was confusion over whether planning permission was required.

Club chairman John Radford told Chad: “I am so disappointed that we don’t seem to be moving forward on this, after three years of owning the land. The time it is taking to progress on this project is frustrating.”

Residents on Woburn Lane expressed their concern at the project, especially the narrow access to the lane.

The track is not Tarmacced, only wide enough for one vehicle to pass, and peppered with deep potholes, which residents have often filled in themselves.

One resident, who did not want to be named said: “That’s why there were complaints, traffic was blocking it up.

“But the sooner they get on with this, the better, it’s been like this for about a year now. Hopefully they will do the road as well.”