‘Staggering’ facelift welcomed at Mansfield’s new £3.4m library

.Mansfield Library
.Mansfield Library

MANSFIELD’S £3.4m new library is officially open and has received a positive response from the public and community leaders this week.

Library bosses say that in the facility’s first week alone 5,252 people passed through the doors and 7,643 books, DVDs or audiobooks were issued by staff.

Chad went along to get people’s views as they visited the library last week and the majority were pleased with the refurbishment.

Mansfield mayor Tony Egginton attended the opening ceremony and said it was ‘staggering’ to see the transformation which had taken place at the West Gate library.

“It is tremendous and I really hope people go along, enjoy it and treat it well,” he said.

“As a child I remember libraries as places where you were always being told to be quiet, but the atmosphere is totally different.

“The number of children’s activities on offer is wonderful and it was also good to see middle-aged and elderly people at the library using computers.”

Former librarian Bill Purdue, who writes a book column for the Chad, said he hardly recognised the library when he went on a tour last week.

“The whole library has been reorganised and transformed – a far cry from the 1977 vintage interior and a massive improvement, too,” he said.

“One thing that struck me about the library has nothing to do with the new surroundings: it is the friendly and welcoming staff.

“They seem to enjoy working in the new environment.”

There are a host of events taking place at the library in its first few weeks. Read more about the developments at www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/mansfieldlibrary