St John Ambulance advise business across Nottinghamshire to have cover in place for Olympics

Employers in the East Midlands are being urged to make sure they have proper first aid cover in place when millions of people get struck by Olympics fever.

Leading first aid charity St John Ambulance is advising businesses to start preparing now for any disruption likely to be caused by the forthcoming games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Workers across the UK will be taking time off to join in the celebrations spanning the arrival of the Olympic torch flame in May through to the Paralympics in September.

There are 10.8 million tickets holders for the Olympics and Paralympics besides the 200,000-strong workforce involved in staging the games and 8,000 torch bearers.

The Jubilee celebrations look set to cause further workplace disruption as thousands of people plan celebrations in communities across the country or head for the capital over the weekend of 2nd to 5th June.

Mel Fox, regional director for commercial training at St John Ambulance in the Midlands, said: ‘This is a momentous year for the UK and the last thing we want is to see any of these celebrations falling at the first hurdle due to workplace injuries.

‘Not only is it a legal requirement to have adequate first aid cover in place, but when you consider that first aid training is very often the difference between a life lost and a life saved it’s also one of the greatest ways employers can demonstrate their commitment to their staff.’

With Olympic competition venues across the nation, from Newcastle in the north to Weymouth in the south and the City of Coventry Stadium in the Midlands, businesses are likely to be affected in different ways – some by staff absence and others by an increased workload generated by the games.

St John Ambulance is advising all businesses to carry out a risk assessment as soon as possible to see whether appropriate arrangements are in place to make sure their workplaces are safe for staff and customers during the coming months.

St John Ambulance trained more than 68,000 people in workplace first aid and health and safety in the Midlands last year.

For information about risk assessment or first aid courses, which can be delivered on-site or in one of St John Ambulance’s training centres, call 0844 324 5535 or visit