St Andrew’s needs to be shut down

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HERE we go again. After what happened in July 2011 in Rainworth, assurances were given, and not for the first time, that St Andrew’s unit is secure, we find that it is anything but with this latest incident.

Should we believe these last assurances that nothing like this could ever happen again, I think not as this organisation is far too incompetent to run an institution as this, how many chances do we require. This unit should be closed as no lessons were learnt from the first episode. How many more families’ lives will be blighted before St Andrews Healthcare is banished from Mansfield forever?

MP Alan Meale is right when he says this unit should be closed, but at worst run by an organisation that is competent. Mansfield District Council, and in particular certain councillors or ex councillors, should be made to answer questions why they refused to tell the truth and who was involved in then attempting to cover this up?

I ask Mansfield District Council to act now for the safety of our community and hold an inquiry so that this council can at least be seen to be open and transparent, and that allegations made can be properly investigated and the whole unhappy saga can be ended one way or another. What else have they got to hide?

The St Andrew’s Healthcare organisation and Mansfield District Council is not to be trusted as their words and guarantees mean nothing.

B. Foulstone,

Southwell Road East,


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