Spy cameras planned to catch Mansfield fly-tippers

Fly-tipped fridges
Fly-tipped fridges

Secret cameras could be used to catch fly-tippers dumping fridges in Mansfield after the number of cases doubled.

Desperate bosses at Mansfield District Council are so fed-up of having to dispose of dumped fridge freezers they are considering setting up covert operations to catch those responsible on film.

From April 1 2016 to June 22 2016, the authority had 31 cases compared with 16 in same period last year.

Changes in the rules regarding the disposal of fridges has led to many scrap yards refusing to take them.

Some scrap collectors are stripping fridges left in the street of valuable parts and illegally dumping the remains, while bogus callers promise to take the fridges away for people, then leaving them in country lanes or alleyways.

Portfolio holder for public protection, Coun Mick Barton, said: “Were interested putting covert cameras up because it’s become a big problem. If people are dumping fridges or rubbish down a lane we’re plan we want to put a covert camera there to catch them.

“I feel sorry for those who pay these unscrupulous people to take away their rubbish and then get fined.”

Meanwhile, the council is appealing to residents to ensure that they use reputable and properly registered waste disposal companies to dispose of fridges.

Old fridges are accepted free of charge from residents at Mansfield and Warsop recycling sites or the council can pick it up and disposed of for a fee of £12.25.

Residents are also warned that leaving fridges outside their property for scrap metal merchants can be classed as fly-tipping.