Spring blossoms early at Nottinghamshire County Council beauty spots

NOTTS County Council is appealing for any eagle-eyed wildlife or countryside lover to take pictures of flowers appearing early in any of its country parks, wiith interesting snaps will be posted on the county council’s Facebook page. Nationally, carpets of flowers are springing up early due to the mild winter temperatures which have been witnessed in recent months.

According to Sue McDonald, countryside ranger at Bestwood Country Park, which is managed by Nottinghamshire County Council, even wildlife are responding to the warmer than usual winter period.

Sue said: “We are not necessarily seeing a bloom of flowers, however I have seen some pink campion flowers which is a few months before they would traditionally show.

“However, birds such as robins and blackbirds have started to chirp their spring time songs which is unusual. Traditionally, they would make a calling sound at this time of year then burst into song at the end of February, but they are singing their spring songs early.”

Rufford Abbey Country Park ranger, Steve Koefoed, said: “Grass is growing in areas which have become patchy through walking – we would not expect grass to be growing as much, this early in the year.”

If you spot any images of flowers in bloom early, then send them into Notts County Council’s Facebook page: facebook.com/Nottinghamshire.