Sprightly Maud is 100 years young

Maud Rodgers celebrates her 100th birthday at her home in Newstead
Maud Rodgers celebrates her 100th birthday at her home in Newstead

Sprightly centenerian Maud Rodgers raised a glass to 100 years of good health at her recent birthday celebration.

Maud of Newstead celebrated her centenary on Saturday with a big party with family and friends at Annesley Working Men’s Club where more than 100 guests attended.

And the independent spirited great gran made sure she was dressed for the occasion.

Granddaughter Julie Warmsley said: “I took her to Meadowhall for her party dress and she walked all the way around when we got there.

“We go on walks in Newstead village and she is fit as a fiddle.

“She is absolutely fantastic for her age.”

Mrs Rodgers has two sons, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

She married husband Roy in 1935 at Newstead Church following a nine month courtship. They met at a dance at the Gaety in Hucknall.

Roy worked at Newstead Colliery all his life from the age of 14, where he was an underground machine driver.

Maud worked at the pit canteen and also at Wonderloaf bakery.

Her secret for a long life?

Maud told Chad: “Everybody asks me that - and I always say do everything in moderation.

“I don’t overdo the drink and I love walking.

“I still stroll for two miles after Sunday dinner.

“I had a lovely card from the Queen.

My main memories have been my loving family. They are wonderful and my greatest joy.”