Sports Direct put under the spotlight by TV documentary

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Controversial company, Sports Direct, was thrust back into the spotlight this week during a damning documentary over its commercial practices and working conditions at its Shirebrook depot.

The sports goods giant, which is owned by billionaire tycoon Mike Ashley, was criticised during the Channel 4 programme Dispatches on Monday night.

The documentary questioned the firm’s sales techniques in its high street shops, suggesting prices are falsely inflated and then reduced in a bid to fool customers.

An undercover reporter also allegedly exposed the harsh working conditions at the firm’s main Shirebrook depot, where the majority of workers are said to be on zero-hour contracts and are randomly fired for perceived misdemeanours, such as taking too long on toilet breaks, or even being off sick.

Chad reported last year how one 52-year-old Mansfield worker had collapsed at work with a blood clot, who had been too scared to phone in sick in case he lost his job.

The company refused to make any comment at the time.

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