Sports clubs protest against Teversal former welfare demolition

Sports clubs who use Teversal Grange have hit out at Ashfield District Council’s decision to demolish the facility.

Directors and chairmen of the football, cricket and bowls clubs say it is ’irresponsible’ what the council is doing.

The building is set to be knocked down on Monday morning.

But sports users are up in arms about the decision and have asked the council to take on the facility themselves.

Steve Hayes, director of the football club said they have put business proposals to the council - all of which were dismissed.

He said: “We have known the council had planned to demolish it but now it’s set for Monday and we haven’t even been told. Residents have on the streets nearby, but one of the sports clubs have.

“The council are paying £120,000 to demolish it and put up temporary accommodation for cricket, but if they gave us that money we can put it into refurbishing the grange and rent it out to businesses to help keep the clubs going.”

A trust was set up 1989 which oversaw the clubs and maintained the facilities.

The grange, former welfare, was rented out to businesses and income was put into the Trust.

But the demolition will mean there is no income for the Trust and sports users will have to pay extra to cover running costs.

More than 1,000 sports users make up the three clubs.

Pete Cockerill, chair of the club, said: “We need the grange, it is the only asset the trust has to make money.

“Otherwise there’s a possibility the clubs will fold. The football club does make money from some events but for the other clubs, that was the only way of an income.

“That means costs are going to be much, much higher for player, and everyone who volunteers their time to keep the clubs running.”

He said the council’s lack of negotiation was appalling.

He said: “We want this to continue for the benefit of the whole community, and the council just do not want to listen. The council have handled this very poorly, it has been inept and immoral.”

Visit http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-the-teversal-trust-grange to sign the petition.

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