Spooky goings-on at Mansfield Palace Theatre

GET set for some spooky goings-in this autumn when a new show called Psychic and Science comes to Mansfield’s Palace Theatre.

On Tuesday 11th October, there will be a night of experiments and investigations with Psychic and Science.

The aim of the brand new show is to try and find out whether there really is life after death.

During the show, the theatre will go into ‘lockdown’ and audience members will be invited to take part in live séances, Ouija board experiments and table tipping, along with vigils in the darkest depths of the building while the team on stage try to raise ghostly apparitions.

It features psychic and medium Chris Conway and paranormal historian Richard Felix, who both appear on TV’s Most Haunted, along with ghost hunter Denise Mott.

The team will be joined on stage by presenter, comedian and ghost fanatic Paul Gannon.

Denise, who is head of Compass Paranormal Events and leads over 5,000 people a year around supposedly haunted locations, said: “Psychic & Science is ground breaking. It will be a night of true investigation and discovery.”

At the end of the two-hour show, the team will finish by trying to summon a spirit in front of the audience using the Stone Tape Theory - and it is believed to be the first time this has been attempted on stage.

Paul Gannon said: “We have no idea what might happen –it’s a true first for the paranormal world. If it does work, one thing will be guaranteed – I’ll be first out of the door.”

If all this has sparked an interest in all things extraterrestrial, the Palace is also playing host to An Evening of Clairvoyance with Psychic Tony Stockwell on 22nd November.

Medium Tony has been practising for the past 20 years.

Tickets for Psychic and Science are priced at £19 (£18 for concessions) while tickets for Tony Stockwell are £19.50.

For more information on these shows, which are both for people aged 15 or over, contact the Box Office on Mansfield 633133 or visit www.mansfield.gov.uk/palacetheatre.

For details on Tony Stockwell visit www.tonystockwell.com and for information on Psychic and Science, visit www.psychicandscience.co.uk.