Spion Kop development: MDC made bad decision

As a resident of Spion Kop I was interested to read Ben McVay’s article regarding the change to the S106 agreement for the Woods Brothers development. Because the Planning Committees have agreed to a modification of the S106 agreement, now makes any S106 agreement totally worthless.

Any developer pleading any financial difficulty or business incompetence can now ask for significant changes to the restrictions imposed by MDC that made the development acceptable.

It was significant that the applicant didn’t even attend the planning meeting, was this because they may have been questioned on their total lack of business acumen in not tying a care home provider into a binding contract? After all it was only three months ago that they were granted a change to the original plan to allow changes to the design of the care home.

Their submission statement implied that care home providers are having a hard time getting finance, yet in the Chad which came out on the same day as the planning committee,

Newgate Lodge Care Home was announcing that it had been discussing an extension with MDC. This clearly contradicts this statement and the planning department would have known that.

The S106 agreement was signed almost exactly a year to the date of the Planning Committee meeting, I cannot see how in such a short period of time 44 houses changes from being an unacceptable number of houses to suddenly become acceptable. It was acknowledged by the planning officer that the only people to gain from this change is the developer, it does not make the development of the care home or affordable housing any more likely, and I would not give any credence whatsoever to any unsubstantiated claims made by this developer.

At best it delays further the provision of any possible employment to local residents that would have come from the care home. These are jobs the people of Spion Kop, Warsop and Mansfield need now. In my opinion this change amounts to giving financial aid to this developer, with absolutely no additional guarantees or compromise on their part. This is something that MDC cannot afford and should not be part of.

Joanne Hayes,

Mansfield Road, Spion Kop.

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