Spend taxes at home

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I want to know why our stupid Government is going to send our money to foreign aid when we are having to face even more cuts due to the lack of Council funding.

Even more of our people have very little income and the matter is getting worse. Our tax ought to be used for our country.

We’ve been told we will have a larger amount of our money tax free, because it is rising to £10,000 before deduction. However I calculated the difference and it makes me approx £2.15 better per week, which is a poor amount when our Council are having to raise Council Tax by almost two per cent and we may lose our bus passes.

Cameron has no idea how the other half live. Even when he was a child he received a private education, which in my opinion was a complete waste of money. If he is an example of private education he certainly wasn’t taught financial matters and all I can say now is thank goodness I only attended an ordinary junior school and what was a secondary school here in Mansfield.

Kate Allsop


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