Spend more cash at home

LOCAL Government cuts will see a £2.2 billion shortfall in the support for the elderly by 2015. £65 million being cut by Nottinghamshire is the total, in this county alone.

Changes for services are going to get much tougher, as up and down the country balances are not being spent on the elderly. So it is the policy of the Conservatives to inflict more pain on pensioners most of which will be paying more in retirement to meet their health needs.

The PFI cost at Sherwood Hospital Trust will cost local people in their services and the money that should be made available locally will be reduced inflicting more pain locally. We will see larger cuts, locally, than in other areas of the country.

Yet the Coalition Government can spend £12 billion on foreign aid. Isn’t it time that we spend more money at home? The Government is looking for £10 billion cuts to the welfare budget - where will they find it? Well, the pensioners of course. Pensioners are not as well off as the Government thinks, and their disposable income is shrinking fast as each day goes by. This is the daftest idea that the Coalition has had in a long time.

County Coun

Chris Winterton.

(address supplied).

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