Speed watch scheme needs volunteers

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NEWS: News.

Public spirited people who are concerned about speeding in the Mansfield north area are being given a chance to help promote a slowdown.

Nottinghamshire Police are appealing for volunteers to join their community speed watch scheme, which they are introducing in Warsop, Mansfield Woodhouse Woodhouse Forest Town and Ladybrook areas.

Volunteers will be given training in how to use a radar gun and record the results.

Community Speed Watch Coordinator, former Mansfield district and county councillor June Stendall said: “We are looking to recruit both vetted and unvetted volunteers to help us.

“We are looking for people willing to go through the vetting process to help us coordinate speed testing and meetings.”

She said the main aim was to expand the scheme in rural areas and establish a Speed Watch group in Ollerton.

Community Speed Watch volunteers go into roads and streets of risk assessed areas with speed guns. Motorists who they catch speeding are sent an advisory letter.

Contact the neighbourhood policing team on 101 xt 8053264 or visit the Nottinghamshire Police website.