Speed limit cut on Cuckney Hill A60 crash route

A ROAD crash hotspot is to get a lower speed limit after a catalogue of serious accidents.

The A60 at Cuckney Hill, near Church Warsop ,will drop from 60mph to 50mph, following a review prompted by several deaths and serious injuries over the last five years.

And the limit through Cuckney further north will also go from 60mph to 40mph.

Highways officials are carrying out the changes after councillors called for action on the route.

Since 2006 six people have died in incidents between the junction with the B6042 and the Eastlands Lane junction at Church Warsop.

Warsop Parish Council chairman Stuart Moody was among those who called for the review.

“The changes are appropriate,” he said.

“Speed is a contributing factor to the problems on the road, although not the only factor. I don’t think anyone would object to a lower speed limit there.”

But he added he felt the alterations had taken too long to arrive, having called for changes last year.

He added: “I think the wheels in politics don’t turn fast enough in some ways and ironically a bit more speed would have been appreciated in getting this done.”

The reductions, due to be brought in officially on 12th August, are being made by the Midlands Highways Alliance, which includes Nottinghamshire County Council.

The authority’s roads consultants, URS Scott Wilson, recommended the plan as pat of a review of county roads.

Said the company’s principal traffic engineer, Gary Bridges: “We looked at the A60 as a whole and brought this in as part of the proposals that came out of that review.

“In the middle of August it will all being done together and the signs will be changed.”

Among the people to have lost their lives on the route in the last five years are Martin Owen (20), from Clipstone, who died following a three-vehicle collision on Cuckney Hill in May last year.

And in August 2009 both biker Darren Cooper and car driver Tony Natriss died in a crash.

Residents near the road welcomed the reductions.

Retired Ian Berry (68), who lives on Bishop’s Walk, Church Warsop, said his daughter had escaped uninjured after her car was hit by a van on the route 18 months ago.

“I’m in favour of it and hopefully it will make a difference, if people adhere to the new limits,” he said.

“You get accidents all the way along this part of the road and it’s busy all the time.”