Speed cameras finally in place after Chad campaign

A Chad campaign for an speed camera on a notorious stretch of road has finally come to fruition.

The average speed monitoring device has now been built between Cuckney Hill and Church Warsop, exactly a year after we were told that we had been successful in the battle for better safety measures.

The campaign was launched August 2012 after 24-year-old Luke Winter of Langwith became the sixth person to be killed on the stretch of road since 2006.

Around 1,500 people signed A Chad petition calling for the speed camera, which was taken to County Hall by former Chad editor Tracy Powell, Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale and Warsop county councillor John Allin.

Hundreds of signatures were also gathered by Luke’s sister Rachel.

Speaking last year, Luke’s dad Geoff added: “The cameras are long overdue. I know four people who have been killed there. Sometimes society has to wield the big stick for things to get done.

“Average speed cameras are the only thing that will slow people down. But it’s too late for us.”

Parish Council Chairman Stuart Moody added: “We supported the campaign because we saw how worthwhile it was so thank you to the Chad for that.”