Specials take to the streets

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TEAMS of Special Constables will be carrying out patrols and operations throughout Mansfield and Ashfield as part of National Specials Weekend.

This year’s theme, chosen by the Special Constabulary National Consultative Group, is tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) and in Mansfield and Ashfield, teams of Specials will be patrolling around the late bars and clubs around Mansfield and Hucknall town centres.

Nottinghamshire Police currently has 315 Special Constables based throughout the county, volunteers who give up their spare time to help police their communities. They work part-time and have the same policing powers as police officers.

Nottinghamshire Police Supt Paul Anderson said: “Special Constables give up their spare time to make our communities safer and they are a key resource in local policing.

“This year’s National Specials Weekend is aimed at reducing antisocial behaviour, which continues to be an issue throughout the country.

“In Nottinghamshire, we have a busy city and several towns that are very popular destinations for those wanting to enjoy themselves on the weekend. So it’s important to get our Specials out and about in these areas to address any rowdy or nuisance behaviour.

“Our constables will be conducting a number of high-visibility patrols throughout the county over the weekend and they will be on hand to keep people safe and to deal with any issues that may arise.

“People should be reminded that Special Constables have the same policing powers as police officers, so they can and will arrest those causing problems if necessary.”

Nottinghamshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Paul Scarrott added: “The Special Constabulary is a vital part of the police family.

“They really make a difference by providing visibility during our busiest times and in some cases, Special Constables take charge of a number of events in our community and really do have a huge impact in keeping people safe.”