Special ceremony for police

SIXTEEN former specials were sworn in as police officers at a ceremony on Friday.

The officers took part in the first ever fast-track, 10-week training course run by Derbyshire Police.

As the group has already served as special constables, they had already received much of the training new Pcs require.

Friends and family attended the Hayes Conference, in Swanwick, to see the nine men and seven women attested.

Chief Constable Mick Creedon said: “I am delighted that the constabulary is now in a position to recruit new officers after a very difficult period when we had to freeze recruitment and we have seen officer numbers reduce.

“Nevertheless, through some very careful and prudent financial management, we are now bringing fresh blood into the organisation and I am delighted that there is a group of new officers who will now join the officers and staff of this force.”