Spate of handbag thefts in Sutton

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SHOPPERS in Ashfield are being warned to keep an eye on their handbags after a spate of thefts.

A number of elderly women have recently been targetted in Sutton charity shops, supermarkets and in the Idlewells Shopping Centre.

Handbags left on the back of shopping trolleys, or left unzipped offer an opportunity for unscrupulous thieves on the look out to steal purses or bags.

Police are warning shoppers to take take extra care and have offered a number of safety tips.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “In the run up to Christmas people tend to have more money on their person while shopping for gifts for loved ones.

“They may also pay less attention to what is going on around them, particularly when it is busy.

“Unfortunately thieves are on the lookout for any opportunity to target the elderly and vulnerable, so we need people to protect themselves wherever possible.”

Police are telling shoppers to carry handbags at all times and keep purses at the bottom out of sight. Keep handbags zipped up at all times to deter pickpockets in crowded shopping areas.

Don’t leave any bags in or on the shopping trolley while shopping. Keep cheque books and cheque cards separate and never write down your pin number

Only carry the cash and cards that you need.Don’t keep valuable items in outer pockets, keep them in the main body of the bag.

To report crime call police on 101.