Space trip for Selston teenagers

Selston Trip
Selston Trip

TEENAGERS from Selston High School got to find out what it’s like to be in space during a trip to the Euro Space Centre in Belgium.

During the Easter holidays, the students spent three days at the centre where they experienced life in space by trying out a multi axis chair and zero-gravity wall.

They also tried a host of other activities such as moonwalking and building a microrocket.

At the end of the visit all students were presented with their certificates of achievement by Euro Space instructors.

Stephanie Stamp, who is in Year 9, described the trip as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’.

She said: “Over the three days we took part in lots of exciting activities.

“We got spun upside down on the multi-axis chair. We spun in circles on the rotating chair, which made you very dizzy.

“We also went on a micro gravity wall, which allowed you to move like you were on the International Space Station. We got to walk like we were on the moon.

“On the last day at the Space Centre we had a quiz about space.

“We launched the rockets we had built into space, standing well back, and tried to find them when they fell back to earth. They all spread out over a big space. One even got stuck in a tree.”