Sowing the seeds

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SCHOOLS in Mansfield and Ashfield can claim free seeds to plant in their gardens thanks to the Children of Honduras Trust charity.

The charity receives seeds every year from the company Sutton Seeds to be shipped over to Honduras and help families in poverty grow their own food.

They then have a surplus of seeds that either can not be sent for various reasons or do not need to be sent.

VolunteerDavid Yates of Oakdale Road, Mansfield wants to give the seeds free to local schools in order to promote and encourage gardening.

David said: “My dream, being a keen gardener myself, is to see our young generation green fingered and keen a garden.”

The trust has been promoting the scheme for three years. “Before we came up with the idea to give them away to local schools, we simply burned the excess seeds,” David added.

“That always seemed terrible to me as a gardener”.

The mission statement of the trust is ‘to enable the provision of three meals per day, adequate clothing, shoes and basic education for as many underprivileged children in Honduras as possible.

The charity likes to keep a close relationship with local schools as it can form a two way transfer of items that can then be sent on to Honduras to help the children.

David told Chad:“Many schools help us with surplus chairs, tables etc. Even the small stubs of pencils and crayons and half used exercise books which are usually thrown away at the end of term.”

If you want to order seeds for your school free of charge email David Yates at or call 01623 635935. David will send an order form with numerous varieties of vegetable and plant seeds that can be ordered to begin your very own green revolution.

For more info on the charity visit