South Normanton woman spared jail after attacking her carer

A SOUTH Normanton woman who attacked her carer, a police doctor and a custody officer has been spared jail.

Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court were told on Monday that Natasha Royston received daily help with cooking, cleaning and her finances.

Mike Treharne, prosecuting, said she could be argumentative and moody and, on 3rd March, she pushed carer Mary Carr against a wall while holding a bar stool.

“She was talked into backing off and she ran into the lounge and banged her head on the floor,” said Mr Treharne.

Trouble flared again on 4th May when she was found to be in possession of cannabis.

Royston (21) was in a medical room at Chesterfield Police Station when she asked Dr John Spincer if he had any weed’, meaning cannabis bush.

“She was told she wasn’t allowed any and she became aggressive,” aid Mr Treharne.

“She dived from her chair towards drawers where equipment including needles were kept and she punched him on the jaw.”

Other prisoners in the cells complained that she was disturbing them at 4am the next day and she was transferred to another cell.

She had to be restrained and she spat in custody detention officer Helen Wall’s face. “Some of it went in her mouth,” added Mr Treharne.

Royston, of Birchwood Lane, admitted three charges of assault plus possessing cannabis.

Magistrates imposed a one-year probation supervision order and said she must pay £50 compensation to each of her three victims, with £100 costs.

Said her solicitor, Katie Fowkes: “She is fully aware of the situation she has placed herself in. She has spent some time in custody and she doesn’t want to do that again.

“She feels she has sufficient support to enable her to attend probation appointments.”