South Normanton shoplifter Bryn Major given probation supervision order

A SOUTH Normanton man caught shoplifting had no cash for food and drink after his lodger son moved out, a court was told.

Bryn Major (47) stuffed packs of cereal, milk, soup and a soft drink into a bag and left B&M Bargains in Alfreton without paying for them.

He was stopped and the items were recovered. He told police he had no money and wanted to eat that evening.

“One of his sons provided board as a lodger but left and he had taken on certain commitments he had to pay for,” Major’s solicitor, Phil Bloore, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“His sister had been helping him out with the mortgage payments but she became divorced and could no longer help and it got to the stage where he had run out of money.

“He wasn’t going to get any benefit money until the following Tuesday and he took items to help him survive until then.”

Mr Bloore said Major had suffered from severe depression and anxiety for many years and had been a patient at the Millbrook Mental Health Unit in Sutton.

Major, of Victoria Street, South Normanton, admitted theft of goods worth £4 on 13th January. He had previous convictions for shoplifting.

The bench gave him a one-year probation supervision order, with £85 costs.