Solar farm given green light at Mansfield business park

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An application to build a solar farm on a business park has been rubber stamped by council planners.

The 1.22 ha area of scrubland on Ransom Wood Business Park on the outskirts of Mansfield will see 2,118 ground-mounted solar panels put in place, surrounded by a green 2.5m -high security fence.

The panels would feed the generated electricity into an existing substation to help power the businesses that use the park.

Set in its own grounds, the patch of land to be used is close to the Rainworth Bypass on Southwell Road East, and will be hidden from view by existing vegetation.

Recommending the application for approval, the planning officer said: “It is considered that there would be no significant adverse impacts that outweigh the general policy presumption in favour of renewable energy provisions.”

The planning committee members voted unanimously in favour of the plans at their recent monthly meeting.

Coun Vaughan Hopewell said: “I’m in favour of any scheme like this. We’re looking at ways to getting more green energy. If it’s not going to have a visual effect, I wholeheartedly back this.”

Charles Cannon, a director at Ransomwood Estates, thanked the council for their vote of confidence, adding: “We’ve spent three years looking at all possible renewable technologies and interviewed 33 companies before making our decision. We will now be producing three-quarters of the electricity used on the park from solar.

“We will be creating three acres of acid grassland and a new orchard. It means that there will be less pressure on Mansfield when it comes to increased demands on energy supply in the future.”