Snap happy at Warsop Camera Club

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THOUGH traditionalists may prefer taking photographs with film and developing in dark rooms, there is no doubt that the digital age has opened up the world of photography to a much wider audience.

Testament to this is Warsop Camera Club, which has seen its membership increase in recent years as more and more people develop an interest in the art of taking good photographs.

The club was started in 1991 by four friends who used to go out together with their cameras, but others soon expressed an interest and began joining in.

Membership has been up and down over the years but now stands at more than 30.

One or two still use slides and film cameras but the vast majority use digital technology.

Said club chairman Eric Hill: “Digital cameras have actually brought a lot more people into photography - it has helped get people interested in it.”

Members have a range of different interests - from landscape photography, to portrait specialists, to flora and fauna - and while some attend just to pick up tips and advice, others are keen to enter competitions.

The club runs regular inter-club contests with local clubs in Worksop, Retford and Bolsover, as well as internal competitions, and also invites speakers to come and talk to members.

Though meetings officially run from September to May, photography trips are organised during the summer to locations such as Thoresby Park.

Eric said that by force of habit he always has his camera with him anyway.

“I think most of us do because you always see the photo you want when you haven’t got it.”

The club always welcomes new members and anyone wanting more information should visit or contact Mansfield 842652.

Added Eric: “What we pride ourselves on is that we cater for everyone, from semi pros right down to people who want to come to the club to get a bit more information on their camera or on how to improve their photos.”