Smoke alarm alerts householders to Stanton Hill blaze

AN ASHFIELD fire chief has praised the residents of a Stanton Hill house for having a smoke alarm after it alerted them to a blaze at their property.

A fire broke out in the outhouse of an unoccupied house on Co-operative Street at around 10.15am on Sunday morning and crews from Mansfield and Ashfield were called.

The fire started at an end terraced house and then spread to the roof of the adjoining property. Although the owners were out at the time, they were not far away and heard the smoke alarm.

Crew manager John Howard, from Ashfield Fire Station, said: “The house where the fire broke out was empty but the house next door had a working smoke alarm and that alerted the occupiers.”

Meanwhile, a third property suffered smoke damage and a woman was treated by ambulance crews for smoke inhalation.

Fire crews were at the scene for around an hour-and-a-half.