SLIDESHOW: Pictures from Mansfield Rotary Club’s annual Courage Awards

INSPIRATIONAL youngsters were honoured this week at Mansfield Rotary Club’s annual Courage Awards.

Now in its 22nd year, the prestigious event celebrates the achievements of those who flourish in the face of adversity.

Proud parents and teachers gathered at Mansfield’s Civic Centre yesterday for the plush reception which was to honour nine young individuals, each with a fascinating story.

Rotary president, Paul Bacon: “Courage is not only showing bravery in the face of danger, more often courage is the day-to-day determination and hard work of dealing with, adjusting to, and hopefully overcoming, the obstacles and harsh realities that life may present.

“That courage has been exemplified by all the young people here today, but not only by those who have been nominated, but also by the parents, siblings, grandparents and carers of these amazing young people who share in their lives and live with their difficulties.”

Each of the 10 nominees were presented with a certificate and a plaque.