Sleeping naked aids weight loss and boosts your sex life

Sleeping naked can help people lose weight and boost their sex life, new research has found.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 1:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 4:32 pm

The summer heatwave saw thousands of people ditching their pyjamas and sleeping in the buff to cope with the heat.

Now it has been revealed that there are benefits from sleeping nude all year round.

Even without the heatwave, the average household temperature in the UK rises to 20 degrees celsius in the summer months.

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Online furniture retailer Furniture Choice surveyed the British public to find out how this could affect their sleeping habits, revealing that one in four (23%) Brits already choose to sleep in the nude, which doctors claim can result in significant health benefits.

The survey also found that 40% of Brits don’t generally have a good night’s sleep, with nearly a quarter (24%) stating they only get six hours of sleep a night - despite the recommended 7-9 hours UK adults should be snoozing each night.

But the sleep issues don’t stop there as over a third (36%) reported waking up in the morning feeling tired, with a sore back (32%) and a sore neck (27%).

Dr Sarah Brewer, a general practitioner, explains that sleeping in the nude may not cure those aches and pains, but it does have other significant health benefits to consider, especially during the summer months: “Sleeping naked means that your body remains cooler during the night, which is important as overheating is a common cause of disturbed sleep.

“Being over-hot in bed by 3-4 degrees changes brain-wave patterns, reduces the amount of time you spend in REM sleep, increases the chances of waking up and reduces deep sleep.”

Dr Brewer states there are five key benefits of sleeping naked which are:


If sleep is disrupted from being too warm, your body produces more cortisol than usual, leading to an increased appetite.


Overheating at night can worsen many skin conditions, so sleeping naked can help prevent this.


Candida yeast cells change from the superficial ‘harmless’ cell form, to invading threat form, when conditions are warm and moist. Sleeping naked and airing areas susceptible to thrush can lead to fewer recurrent Candida infections.


Sleeping naked gives a sense of freedom and may help couples feel more loving. Humans are highly-tuned to the sight of bare skin, which acts as a signal for sexual arousal.


Testosterone hormone is secreted at night and rises in certain stages of sleep. If a man feels too hot and his sleep is disturbed as a result, his testosterone production may be reduced. Sleeping naked helps to promote a healthier sleep pattern, so normal testosterone production occurs.

Stuart Woods, buying director at Furniture Choice, said: “With our bodies repairing during sleep, a good night’s rest is crucial to a happy and healthy life. It’s shocking to see how many Brits aren’t currently getting a good night’s sleep every night. So, if thinking more about your bedroom attire, or lack of, is one way of fixing your sleeping pattern this summer, we think it’s valuable information for those struggling to get some shut eye.”