Sky News Brexit coverage coming to Mansfield - and you are invited

As Britain edges closer to one of the most important parliamentary votes for a generation, Mansfield is again being put into the spotlight when it comes to Brexit.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th December 2018, 10:47 am
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 11:50 am

MPs will vote on the Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal tomorrow (December 11), and as part of their day-long Brexit coverage Sky News will spend the morning in Mansfield town centre.

The national news network is planning to have panel discussions in the town, featuring voices from “real” local people, including businesses, residents and voters.

Sky News has approached the Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 business organisation to get panellists for each of its three panels, which will take place from 9.30-9.45am, 10.30-10.45am and 11.30-11-45am.

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A spokesman for Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 said: “Sky News is planning to be in Mansfield on Tuesday, December 11 as part of its Brexit coverage and has approached 2020 to see if members are interested in being part of this.

“It will be presented from 9am to 12pm from a central location in Mansfield and Sky News is keen to set up a number of panels of “real” local people to discuss Brexit.

“It is asking if local members would be interested in taking part.

“A good mix of voices, opinions and backgrounds are wanted – and a balance of gender.

“Some ideas in terms of trades/businesses, and either a male or female voice from any, include a butcher, solicitor, accountant, small business owner, painter/decorator, local tea shop/café, someone in the hospitality industry or anything else.”

If you want to have your say, you can contact Jessica Howe, Sky News interviews editor, at O207 032 0437 or 07743612723, or via her Twitter on @Jessci86.