Skegby schoolchildren hit the high notes at Young Voices concert

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CHILDREN from Skegby’s St Andrew’s School Key Stage 2 choir sang alongside 5,000 others in front of an audience of thousands during a special concert in Sheffield.

The pupils performed last Wednesday as part of the Young Voices event, which is held in various parts of the country every year and sees choirs in excess of 8,000 children at most venues.

Thirty-four St Andrew’s children from years 4-6 joined the rest of the thousands-strong choir at Sheffield Arena where they performed a Queen medley and songs from Toy Story.

Headteacher Karen Brookes said the standout performance was Gaudete - a 16th century Christmas carol.

“It was fantastic,” she said. “There was lots of lovely positive feedback from the parents.

“The children absolutely adored taking part and were really enthusiastic.”

This was the first time St Andrew’s had taken part in Young Voices and the children have been preparing since September.

Said Karen: “The concert was preceded by a three-hour rehearsal and they practised all afternoon with the conductor.

“But it is not competitive and just about the joy of singing together.

“We are all hooked now and are going to do it every year.”