Skegby car boot sale divides opinions

The junction of Mansfield road and Buttery Lane, courtesy of Google
The junction of Mansfield road and Buttery Lane, courtesy of Google

Planning permission has been granted to hold car boot sales on Skegby Bottoms.

The permission is valid until October 2020, and gives permission for car boot sales to be held on Tuesdays between 10:00am -3:00pm, between March and October.

However, a traffic plan needs to be submitted and approved by the local planning authority before the car boots sale can go ahead.

There are a number of residents comments both in support of, and against the car boot sale.

Concerns raised by residents include parking problems, traffic congestion, highway safety concerns and cars blocking drives.

One objection said: “ I think the car boot sale is in totally the wrong place.

“There is no designated parking and the roads around it get clogged up with cars, and the bus stop is blocked.

“I have relatives in the area and it is impossible to visit them when the car boot sale is on because of parking problems.

“As Mansfield Road is a main road and very busy, I think it is quite dangerous on the car boot sale day.”

Another objection said: "The entrance is on a blind bend in both directions, and is already a hazardous place to cross for people using the trails.

"The area of Skegby in which the proposed car boot sales would take place is a picturesque, quiet area which is used by walkers, cyclists, and horse riders on a daily basis, and personally, although i'm sure i'm not alone, I cannot see any advantage for the people that live in, or use the area."

However, there were also comments in support of the application, as a nebefit to the community and an atraction to the village.

One resident said: “Nice market helps the area and the people, and not much else happening in Skegby.

Another comment in support of the application said: “It makes a change for land to be used for the people.

“I feel it adds to the community spirit and an attraction to the village.

“In my opinion it is run professionally and can’t understand why a few people parking in inappropriate places should go against the majority.”

Another comment said: “This is a wonderful family friendly car boot to attend and we are hoping it continues every week.”