Six-year-old Joby dubbed a superhero after turning midwife to help deliver mum’s baby

Joby Graves with mum Kelly and baby brother Harley Jae.
Joby Graves with mum Kelly and baby brother Harley Jae.
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A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy has been dubbed a ‘superhero’ by his proud mum after coming to her rescue when she gave birth at their Mansfield home.

Joby Kane Graves, who has only just turned six, was with his mum Kelly Graves (28) at his grandmother’s house in Mansfield when she went into labour on the evening of 8th May.

The family returned to Kelly‘s home to collect a birthing bag and then intended to drive to King’s Mill Hospital only to be told on the phone by midwifery staff to remain at home for the time being as it would be hours before the baby would arrive.

“I rang the hospital at 7.45pm and told them about the contractions going from 10 minutes to six minutes but was told that I should stay at home for the time being and to ring back in an hour, ” said Kelly.

“At this point my step-dad had gone to pick my mum up as she was meant to be my birthing partner and we had it all planned so it was just myself and Joby Kane in the house.

“But my waters broke and the baby was coming, I managed to get to the bathroom where I had to get down on my all fours, Joby was in his bedroom because I had told him to get some toys for the hospital.

“But then my mobile phone went off and Joby managed to run back downstairs, find the phone and answer it and run back upstairs to the bathroom.

“It was his grandmother to say that they were on their way but Joby told them that the baby was here, it had a funny shaped head and they had to ring for an ambulance.

“They were then able to ring the paramedics but the baby had been born on the bathroom floor, I thought Joby would have really freaked out but he kept bringing me towels and putting his arm round me and rubbing the baby.

“But when the baby (Harley Jay) was born, he was not breathing and was a bit blue, I had to suck into his mouth and nose and the umbilical cord had been wrapped around him but Joby helped turn him around so I was more comfortable and Harley Jay started breathing again.”

Kelly, who is on maternity leave from her job as a sales assistant, says she is tremendously proud of her quick-thinking son for his actions.

“He’s my superhero, he was absolutely brilliant and I’m so proud of him, I thought it would have scared a child but he kept very calm and did not want to leave my side,” added Kelly.

“He was fascinated and said that he now knows where babies come from, which will save a conversation when he is older.

“He has already developed a real bond with his brother and I can’t wait to tell Harley Jay the story in a few year’s time.”