Situation will only be worse

At a recent council meeting I put a motion forward to “identify as a matter of urgency a further 10 traveller sites within Ashfield before finalising the Local Plan.”

Cllr Nuttall stated that Ashfield has identified 8 sites which are on Park Lane and that we are only 2 short of the requisite number for 2016. Yet the local plan is to last until 2024, so whilst he already admits we are short now, we will be in an even worse position within the next three years.

This fact has already being used against ADC in a planning application for travellers at Felley Mill South, Underwood. Cllr. Nuttall either is unaware of this fact or does not care.

What Cllr.Nuttall does not take into consideration is the fact that this shortage can be used time and time again by Developers working on behalf of travellers.

I only hope that the next such development is on his doorstep. He may want to do something about it then.

My motion failed not because of a lack of merit, but because all Labour Councillors are whipped into voting against any motion that is not proposed by a Labour Councillor.

Cllr. Robert Sears-Piccavey

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