Sisters feed the homeless in Mansfield

Kirsty Knight, left,  with her sister Louise Rahman, right,  feeding the homeless on Mansfield Market
Kirsty Knight, left, with her sister Louise Rahman, right, feeding the homeless on Mansfield Market

Two sisters made a pop-up soup kitchen on Market Square near Mansfield Town Hall and fed 40 homeless people.

Kirsty Knight, 27 from Forrest Down was chatting with her sister, Louise, about giving something back and they wanted to help the people who were sleeping rough.

“I was stunned just how many people we saw who needed our help,” said Kirsty.

With the help from her family which own bakeries the bread was provided and the duo made soup and hot drinks, they also appealed for tinned and dried goods, clothes and tents.

She said: “Being out there and seeing people helping and bringing biscuits and crisps has reminded me what a great sense of community spirit there is in Mansfield.

“At first we started off slowly and when we thought we were done we packed the car up but word of mouth had got around and we saw more people turning up so we unpacked everything and started again.”

Kirsty thought she would feed between five and ten people but by the night 40 people had a warm meal inside them.

“There was one young lad called Dean who was only in his teens and we asked if we could get him anything for next week and he said he would really like a tent because he is sleeping under tarpaulin but he was getting quite cold.

“That’s when it hit me how lucky we are and how much we have and how little support there is homeless people.”

The pop -up soup kitchen only started on Tuesday, November 3 but the sisters want to keep it going until at least New Year.

Kirsty said: “ We only did a couple of hours but by the time I got home I was perished.

“It worries me that so many people will be facing the cold winter out on there own and we need to remember that even if we are feeling the pinch in the run up to Christmas to know just how lucky we are and not take it for granted.

Anyone wishing to make food donations or help out should meet the sisters on the market Tuesday evening 7pm.