Single provider for Nottinghamshire children’s centres

MANAGEMENT of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children’s Centres across the district has been handed over to a ‘single provider’.

The 58 centres sited across the county were originally opened to support families with children under five and to tackle child poverty and social exclusion.

However in recent times the facilities and support have been extended to offer services for children aged 0-12 years-old.

Councillors have now appointed a single operator to take over the management of the centres promising to ‘provide an enhanced support service’.

“The council is committed to the long term future of its children’s centres,” said Coun Philip Owen, chairman of the Children’s and Young People’s committee who approved the decision.

“None of our centres will close. They will be managed under a single management arrangement,” added Coun Owen. “This has been a decision based on enhancing services for families and not on the cost.”

The successful bidder in the tender process will be announced next week.